Optimising 2021 with Mary Kay

We are proud to announce our latest update  for FeLAÁ Boutique.

As we have seen how isolating the last year has been, and how this year is going, due to the pandemic and restriction of movement, we decided to not let the gloom overtake us.

We personally joined Mary Kay, as Independent Beauty Consultant, to amplify our life, business and personal growth, and share positive momentum in loving our skin and looking our best with the help and support of amazing leaders in business and skin care.

This means, we get to share more valuable content and entertaining information with you.

Just because we are in lockdown doesn't mean we should be isolated. We want to keep you company, entertained, empowered, refreshed and have you looking more beautiful than ever before. 

Be prepared for virtual, and live, beauty parties featuring lots of tips, fun and entertainment.


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We look forward to meeting you!




Zeenie Summers