About Us

FeLAÁ Boutique is a hub that celebrates self-efficacy

and style with all who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and creativity.


Offering meticulously designed collections, for both women and men, in the form of handmade apparel and digital art designs, we enjoy the process of creating each and every design from clothes to digital artwork.

At FeLAA Boutique, we believe in nourishing our daily wardrobe 

with a pop of colour and a touch of boldness in classic styles.

We do not wait for other people’s events to celebrate our individual beauty because we know the magic feeling of confidence that our appearances ignites.

Therefore our mission is too feel great by looking great on the daily.

We ship worldwide and serve sizes from XS to 2XL, and, to top it off, we also offer   our customers the choice of being distinctive with their FeLAA Styles with alternative print and fabric selection on a ‘Made to Order’ basis.

In addition to our signature handmade collections, we thoroughly check the quality of our outsourced products, working only with reliable suppliers so that you only receive the best quality product.
We hope to contribute positively to the exploration of your self-efficacy here at FeLAÁ Boutique.
Cheers 🥂